ADTRAN 4106 Plan A Network Card User Manual

TRACER 4106/4206 System Manual Section 3 Engineering Guidelines
612804206L2-1A © 2004 ADTRAN, Inc. 33
User Interface
Panel Alarm LEDs
Diagnostics Line and Link Loopbacks
Test Points RSSI and GND
Alarms Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC)
VT100 Terminal
Menu Driven User Interface, Control of the Remote End,
Loopback Test, Optional Password Protection, Event
VT100 Terminal Interface
Data Rate 9600 bps
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bits 1
Terminal Emulation VT100
Mechanical and Environmental
Operating Temperature -25° C to 65° C
Size 17.12” W x 9.34” D x 1.72” H
Humidity 95%, Non-condensing
9 lbs (TRACER 4106), 7 lbs (TRACER 4206)
Input Voltage 21 to 60 VDC, either polarity referenced to ground
Power Consumption < 20 Watts
Connector 2 pin terminal block (DC)
Fuse 1A, 250V slow-blo fuse (2-inch)
Table 9. At-A-Glance Specifications (Continued)
Hardware Description Specification