ADTRAN 4106 Plan A Network Card User Manual

Section 5 User Interface Guide TRACER 4106/4206 System Manual
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Figure 13 shows the T1x Performance History menu page, which displays detailed error statistics for the
T1 link (from both the local and remote TRACER 4106/4206 units) in 15-minute and 24-hour increments.
Figure 13. T1x Link Performance History
T1 performance data is presented as Errored Seconds (ES) and Severely Errored Seconds (SES) on the T1
link. The following events qualify as an ES–AIS, LOS or LOF Alarm Second, a single bipolar violation
(BPV), excessive zero event, or a single parity bit. An SES is caused by an AIS, LOS or LOF Alarm
Second, excessive BPVs, or framed parity bit errors causing a line bit error rate (BER) of 10
The error count for the most recent 24 hours are recorded in 15-minute increments and displayed on the
right side of the page. The left side of the page displays the 24 hour totals for the most recent 7 days.
The following menus for the T1x Performance History apply to all four available T1
interfaces (A through D).
Press <N> to view the next 8 hours worth of 15-minute totals and <P> to view the
previous 8 hours.