Sony AVIO Notebook Laptop User Manual

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4 Press the disc onto the hub until the disc clicks securely into place.
5 Close the tray by pushing it gently.
To eject a disc
When you finish using a disc, wait until the LED indicator turns off, and then
press the Eject button to remove the disc.
When the notebook is in a power saving mo de, you cannot remove an optical
disc. See “Controlling Power Management” for more information about power
saving modes.
If the optical disc does not slide out when you press the Eject button, turn off the
notebook and insert a thin, pointed object (such as a paper clip) into the manual
eject hole.
Inserting an Optical Disc
Make sure to seat the disc firmly over the hub fingers. If you do not seat the
disc firmly, you could damage your optical drive and you may not be able to
open the tray.