Sony AVIO Notebook Laptop User Manual

Connecting an i.LINK Device
Notes on connecting an i.LINK device
Only the Sony digital video camera port labeled “DV In/Out” or “i.LINK”
are i.LINK-compatible.
Do not connect more than one digital video camera at a time. The software
supplied with your noteboo k will not recognize multiple cameras.
The i.LINK port on the notebook does not supply power to external devices.
If the external device requires power from the i.LINK port, you cannot use
the device with the notebook.
The notebook supports transfer rates up to 400 Mbps; however, the actual
transfer rate is the lowest transfer rate of the external device.
The i.LINK features available may vary depending on the software
applications you use. See the documentation that accompanied your software
for more information.
In the above illustration, a Sony digital video camera recorder is connected to the
notebook. Instructions for connecting a different type of digital video camera recorder
may differ.
See the manual that came with your digital video camera recorder for more
information on its installation and use.