Sony AVIO Notebook Laptop User Manual

Connecting a Port Replicator
5 Turn on the notebook.
To remove your notebook from the port replicator
1 Double-click in the taskbar. The “Safely remove ...” dialog box opens.
2 Click the dialog box. When the message, “Safe to Remove Hardware”
appears, click Close.
3 Once all active peripheral devices are disengaged, disconnect the device
connectors from the port replicator.
4 Pull the release levers on each side of the port replicator to release the
notebook from the port replicator.
Attaching Notebook to Port Replicator
When attaching your notebook to the port replicator, do not attempt to insert or
remove the battery pack. Lifting and turning the notebook with an attached port
replicator could cause a temporary loss of power.
Releasing Notebook from Port Replicator