Sony UP20 Printer User Manual

Before Printing
Load the new ink ribbon into the ink ribbon
Close the front panel by pushing the point marked
with “PULL OPEN”.
Be sure to close the front panel completely. If you
do not, a paper jam or a malfunction may occur
while you are printing or cleaning the internal
thermal head.
When storing ink ribbon cartridge:
Avoid placing the ink ribbon in a location subject to:
high temperatures
high humidity
excessive dust
direct sunlight
Store a partially used ink ribbon in its original
If your ink ribbon should tear
Repair the tear with transparent tape. There should be no
problem with using the remaining portion of the ribbon.
Loading Paper
To load paper on the paper tray, follow the procedure
below. Be careful not to touch the printing surface.
Use only paper recommended. Failing to do so is likely
to result in malfunctions such as paper jams. (See
“Recommended Ink Ribbon and Paper” on page 57.)
Take out the paper tray. Then, open the cover of the
paper tray and place the paper in the paper tray so
that the printing surface faces up with the protection
sheet on top.
When the UPC-21L printing pack is used: Lay
the partition down.
When the UPC-21S printing pack is used: Raise
the partition.
The paper tray holds up to 50 sheets of paper
when the UPC-21L printing pack is used and 80
sheets of paper when the UPC-21S printing pack
is used.
When handling the paper, do not touch the
printing surface. Dust or finger prints are likely to
cause unsatisfactory printing or malfunction of
the head. Grasp the paper by the printing surface
protection sheet.
When loading the paper, load the paper so that it
lays flat in the paper tray. If the paper is curled, it
will overflow from the paper tray and paper may
not be fed properly. Be sure to riffle the paper
along with the protection sheets before
attempting to place the paper in the paper tray.
Do not place different types of paper in the tray at
the same time.
Insert the hole of the
handle of the ink ribbon
over the protruberance
of the printer.
Push the point marked
with “PULL OPEN”.
Turn the spools in the direction of the arrow to
remove any slack until the transparent tape
cannot be seen.
Transparent tape