Sony UP20 Printer User Manual

Location and Function of Parts and Controls
D S or M (image type) display section
Indicates the type of image being displayed on the
monitor screen.
S (Source): The image from the input signal
source is displayed on the screen.
M (Memory):The image captured in memory is
displayed on the screen.
E Printer operation mode display section
Indicates the printer operation mode (type of
printouts such as multiple reduced images).
A Type of printout
Indicates the type of printout.
When SEPARATE (image with white borders)
is set to ON on the LAYOUT SETUP menu, F
is attached to the number in this position.
B Position of the cursor
Indicates the position where the cursor is
currently placed and where an image will be
F Memory page display section
Indicates the currently selected memory page.
While the image in the memory page is being
printed, the memory page indication blinks in
white. The memory page whose memory image is
queued to be printed blinks in white.
G Q (print quantity) display
Indicates the number of copies to be printed. This
item blinks while the printer is busy.
H Printer setting status display section
The corresponding currently selected status is
displayed when either MULTI PICTURE or PRINT
QTY button is pressed.
Position of the cursor:
2nd position of four reduced images