GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

Installing the Ethernet Interface
This chapter describes the basic features of the Ethernet Interface, its installation, config-
uration, and a procedure for its initial checkout on your Ethernet cable. The chapter first
provides a hardware overview of the Ethernet Interface. It is then divided into four
Installation Procedures, each providing an overview of the procedure and then explain-
ing the detailed steps to be performed.
As you work through a procedure you may encounter references to the appendices and
other chapters in this manual. These references provide more detailed information
about the subject under discussion.
The installation procedures described in this chapter are listed below:
Procedure 1: Mounting the Ethernet Interface on the PLC Baseplate - Required
Procedure 2: Configuring the Ethernet Interface - Required
Procedure 3: Verifying Proper Power-Up of the Ethernet Interface - Required
Procedure 4: “Pinging” the Ethernet Interfaces on the Network - Optional
Some of the procedures require prior Ethernet cable plant design and installation.
By completing the Installation Procedures you will gain an understanding of the parts of
the network and how they fit together. You will also have confidence that your equip-
ment is working properly.
Ethernet Interface Hardware Overview
The Ethernet Interface is mounted on the Series 90-30 PLC baseplate. It is connected to
an Ethernet network via a user-provided transceiver cable and transceiver. The follow-
ing figure shows the layout of the Ethernet Interface.