GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual - August 1997 GFK-1084B
Procedure 1: Installing the Ethernet Interface in the PLC
This section describes the physical mounting of the Ethernet Interface onto the Series
90-30 PLC baseplate. For information on the installation procedures for the baseplate,
Series 90-30 CPU, Power Supply, and other Series 90-30 modules, refer to GFK-0356,
Series 90-30 Programmable Controller Installation Manual.
Equipment Required to Perform the Installation Procedures
In addition to the Ethernet Interface, make sure you have the items listed below before
you begin.
A Series 90-30 PLC CPU baseplate, or any Series 90-30 baseplate and a Series 90-30
CPU (version 5.03 or higher) with power supply.
An operating Logicmaster 90-30 system release 6.0 or higher, or CIMPLICITY
Control (runs on a personal computer).
An Ethernet-compatible AAUI transceiver and Ethernet cables. (See Appendix B for
more information.)
A serial cable for the Station Manager port on the Ethernet Interface (see Appendix
B). Optional
A terminal or IBM-compatible personal computer equipped with terminal emulation
software. Optional
If your installation requires CE Mark compliance, please refer to
GFK-1179, Installation Requirements for Conformance to Standards, shipped
with the PLC programming software, for additional guidelines.
Ethernet Interface Installation
Use the following instructions as a guide when inserting a module into a slot in a
baseplate. These instructions assume that the power suppy on the baseplate is to your
Do not insert or remove modules with power applied. This could cause
the PLC to Stop, damage the module, or result in personal injury.
1. Be sure the Series 90-30 PLC baseplate power is OFF.
2. Align the module with the desired base slot and connector. Tilt the module upwards
so that the top rear hook of the module engages the slot on baseplate.
3. Swing the module downward until the connectors mate and the lock-lever on the
bottom of the module snaps into place engaging the baseplate notch.