GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual - August 1997 GFK-1084B
(Word 14) Local PLC - Memory Starting Address: Word 14 specifies the starting address
in the local PLC from which the data is to be sent (1-based).
(Word 15) Local PLC - Number of Memory Units: Word 15 specifies the number of
memory units that are to be transferred. The units associated with the memory may be
bits, bytes, or words depending on the memory type specified in Word 13. For example,
if the memory type is %I, this is the number of bits. If the memory type is %R, this is the
number of words. A maximum of 16384 bits/2048 bytes/1024 words of data may be
(Word 16) Reserved: Word 16 is reserved and should contain the value zero.
(Word 17) Reserved: Word 17 is reserved and should contain the value zero.
(Word 18) Remote Host - Network Address Type: Word 18 specifies the format of the
remote PLC address. In this release, Word 18 must contain the value 1 or 3. A value of 1
indicates a dotted-decimal IP address expressed using a separate register for each
decimal digit. A value of 3 indicates a Network Address name. See Example 2 for
information on using address type 3.
(Word 19) Remote Host - Network Address Length: Word 19 specifies the length in
words of the remote PLC IP address. When an address type of 1 is specified, Word 19
must contain 4..
(Words 20-23) Remote Host - IP Address: Words 20-23 specify the four integers, one
integer per word, of the dotted-decimal IP address of the remote PLC to be accessed.