GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

GFK-1084B Chapter 2 Installing the Ethernet Interface
Procedure 3: Verifying Proper Power-Up of the Ethernet Interface
Powering-up the Ethernet Interface
After configuring the Interface as explained in Procedure 2, follow the procedure below
to verify that the Ethernet Interface is operating correctly.
1. Turn power OFF to the PLC for 3–5 seconds, then turn the power back ON. This
will initiate a series of diagnostic tests.
The OK LED will blink indicating the progress of power-up.
2. The LEDs will have the following pattern upon successful power-up. At this time
the Ethernet Interface is fully operational and on-line.
LED Ethernet Interface Online
OK (On)
LAN / (On/Traffic)
SER (Off)
If STAT LED is OFF, check the PLC Fault Table. Alternatively,
use the Station Manager LOG command as explained in
GFK-1186, TCP/IP Ethernet Communications Station Manager
Problems During Power-up
If a problem is detected during power-up, the Ethernet Interface may not transition di-
rectly to the Operational State. If the Interface does not transistion to Operational, check
the LED pattern on the Interface and refer to Figure 2-2 to find out where the Interface
stopped. Refer to Table 2-1 for corrective actions.