GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual - August 1997 GFK-1084B
Reloading the Ethernet Interface requires the attachment of the PC
Software Loader to the Software Loader port and initiating a load with
the PC Software Loader. The PC Software Loader is a separate software
utility which updates the communications software in the Ethernet
Interface. This utility is supplied with any updates to the Ethernet
Interface software. See Appendix E for more information.
At any time before you initiate a load with the PC Software Loader, you
can restart the Ethernet Interface by pressing the Restart button.
Pressing this button will immediately cause the board to restart. If the
reload has been initiated, see Appendix E for more information.
Restart and Enter Maintenance State: Pressing and holding the Restart button for more
than 10 seconds forces a restart and requests entrance to the Maintenance state. Mainte-
nance state must be invoked to change Advanced Parameters. While in Maintenance
state, all Advanced Parameters revert to their default value. When the Restart button is
pressed, all LEDs go out. After 5 seconds, the STAT LED comes ON, then after 10 se-
conds have elapsed, the STAT and SER LEDs both come ON, to indicate that the Ether-
net Interface will request entry to the Maintenance state. After the Restart button is re-
leased, all LEDs flash ON then power-up diagnostics run and the Ethernet Interface
enters the Maintenance state.
In any case, any data being transferred by the Ethernet Interface at the
time of the Restart will be lost.
The Restart button is not operable during the diagnostic phase of
power-up. The Ethernet Interface is in diagnostic phase when the OK
LED is BLINKING fast and other LEDs are OFF.
Serial Ports
There are two serial ports on the Ethernet Interface: the Station Manager port (port 1)
and the Software Loader port (port 2).
The Station Manager Port
The 6-pin, RJ-11 “phone jack”, RS-232 port is used to connect a terminal or terminal
emulator to access the Station Manager software on the Ethernet Interface. A cable is
needed to connect the terminal or emulator to the Ethernet Interface (see Appendix B,
Communications Ports Characteristics).
The Software Loader Port
The 15-pin, D-type, RS-485 port is used to connect to the PC Software Loader in case the
communications software in the Ethernet Interface needs to be updated. The
characteristics of this port are given in Appendix B, Communications Ports