GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

Procedure 2b: Configuring the Ethernet Interface using
Before you can use the Ethernet Interface with the Series 90-30 PLC, you must configure
the Interface using CIMPLCITY@ Control or Logicmaster TM 90-30 configuration soft-
ware. The CIMPLICITY Control software allows you to specify the modules and I/O
that will reside in your Series 90-30 PLC rack(s). The Hand Held Programmer can not be
used to configure the Ethernet Interface.
To configure the Ethernet Interface in CIMPLICITY Control, do the following:
1. From the Browser, double-click the 90-30 Rack System-Local Rack icon. The Local
Rack Window will appear:
2. Click the tab corresponding to the desired rack.
3. Click the desired slot, press the right mouse button, and choose Add Module from
the menu. (If the slot already contains a module, choose Replace Module.) The
Module Catalog dialog box will appear:
Chapter 2 lnstalling the Ethernet interface