GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

GFK-1084B Chapter 3 Programming Communications Requests
Abort Channel (2001)
The Abort Channel command immediately disconnects an active channel from its
remote PLC and renders the channel idle. The Channel Transfer bit, the Channel Error
bit, and the Detailed Channel Status words for the channel are set to zero.
Example Command Block
Abort Channel 5. Return the CRS word to %R10.
Dec (Hex)
Word 1 00002 (0002) Length of Channel Command Data Block (2 words)
Word 2 00000 (0000) Always 0 (no-wait mode request)
Word 3 00008 (0008) Memory type of CRS word (%R)
Word 4 00009 (0009) CRS word address minus 1 (%R10)*
Word 5 00000 (0000) Reserved
Word 6 00000 (0000) Reserved
Word 7 02001 (07d1) Abort Channel Command number
Word 8 00005 (0005) Channel number 5
* Word 4 (CRS word address) is the only zero-based address in the Command Block.
Only this address requires subtracting 1 from the intended address.
(Word 7) Channel Command Number: This command parameter requests that a channel
be aborted. If the command is processed successfully, it will terminate the processing on
the channel by the time success is indicated in the COMMREQ Status word.
(Word 8) Channel Number: The channel number specifies the channel to be
disconnected (1-16). As a convenient way to abort all channels, if the channel number
parameter is -1 (ffffH), all channels in use will be aborted. It is not an error to abort all
channels when there are none in use. Neither is it an error to abort an idle channel.
For the Abort Channel and Retrieve Detailed Channel Status
commands, no actual data is transmitted on the network.
Communication occurs between the client PLC CPU and the local
Ethernet Interface only. For these commands, the actual function is
performed locally and then the COMMREQ Status word is sent
immediately to the CPU.