GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

GFK-1084B Chapter 3 Programming Communications Requests
Table 4-5. Minor Error Codes for Major Error Codes 5H and 85H (Continued)
Error Status Service Request Error Description
f705H/f785H Required to log in to a task for service.
f805H/f885H Invalid task name referenced.
f905H/f985H Task address out of range.
fc05H/fc85H I/O configuration is invalid.
fe05H/fe85H No privilege for attempted operation.
ff05H/ff85H Service request has been aborted.
Table 3-6. Minor Error Codes for Major Error Code 11H (at Remote Server PLC)
Error Status SRTP Error Description
0111H Generic SRTP error.
0211H The PLC is inaccessible.
0311H Reserved.
0411H Unexpected SRTP version encountered in received message.
0511H Unrecognized SRTP message received.
0611H Data present in SRTP message which should not contain data.
0711H Generic resource problem detected.
0811H SRTP message encountered in inappropriate connection state.
0911H Generic refusal by backplane driver to handle request.
0a11H Recognized but unsupported SRTP message received.
0b11H Lost transaction in server.
1411H Request failed due to an error in the remote device. The Remote
device log will have more information.
2411H Invalid Address found in message sent to backplane driver.
2711H Backplane driver not initialized.
2a11H The backplane driver could not access the PLC.
2b11H Invalid binding on the message sent to the backplane driver.
2c11H The message could not be sent to its destination because the mailbox was
not open.
2d11H The maximum number of transfers to the destination is already
taking place.
2e11H The maximum number of transfers of this transfer type is
already taking place.
2f11H Cannot obtain a backplane transfer buffer.
3011H Cannot obtain resources other than backplane transfer buffers.
3111H Connection ID or block transfer ID is not valid.
3211H Timed out waiting for PLC CPU response.
3311H The PLC CPU aborted the request.
3411H An invalid message type was specified.
3511H The specified task is not registered.
3611H The mailbox offset specified is invalid.
3a11H More than the allowable byte length in a single transfer.
3b11H Bad sequence number in the request.
3c11H Invalid command in request.
3f11H Request failed due to error on remote device, most likely running out of
Dual-Port RAM text buffers.
fe11H Request failed due to mailbox error on remote device. The remote
device log will have more information.