GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual - August 1997 GFK-1084B
Station Manager Port
This section presents the information you need to construct a cable for serial
communications between the Ethernet Interface and a terminal or a PC with a terminal
emulator. Information in this section includes serial port settings, pinouts, and cable
Station Manager Port Settings
The serial port of the terminal or PC that is connected to the Ethernet Interface must use
the same communications parameters as the Ethernet Interface. The default values for
the Station Manager port are 9600 bps, 8 bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit. If the
configuration for Serial Port 1 of the Ethernet Interface used the defaults, or the Ethernet
Interface has not been performed using the Logicmaster 90-30 Configuration software or
CIMPLICITY Control, use these default values. If the configuration for Serial Port 1 of
the Ethernet Interface used different values, use those values for the serial port of the
terminal or PC.
Station Manager Port Pinouts
The 6-pin, RJ-11 “modular phone jack”, RS-232 port is used to connect a terminal or
terminal emulator to access the Station Manager software on the Ethernet Interface.
Connector pinouts are shown in Table B-1.
Station Manager
Serial Port
Table B-1. Station Manager Port Pinouts
RJ-11 Port
Pin Number
Signal Description
1 CTS Clear To Send (input)
2 TD Transmit Data (output)
3 SG Signal Ground
4 SG Signal Ground
5 RD Receive Data (input)
6 RT S Request to Send (output)