GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

GFK-1084B Chapter 2 Installing the Ethernet Interface
However, if you have no network administrator and a simple isolated network with no
gateways, you can use the following range of values for the assignment of local IP ad-
dresses: First PLC Second PLC Third PLC
.. Logicmaster TCP or host
Also, on an isolated network, the Subnet Mask, Gateway IP address, and Name Server IP
address can all be (The Name Server IP address is not currently used and is
reserved for future use.)
If the isolated network is ever connected to another network, the IP
addresses through must not be used and the Subnet Mask
and Gateway IP address must be assigned by the Network Administrator.
The IP addresses must be assigned so that they are compatible with the
connected network. Refer to Appendix C for more information on
See also the section “Determining If an IP Address Has Already Been
Used” in Procedure 4.
5. Optionally, after you have assigned the IP address, etc., press Page Down to display
the following screen.