GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual - August 1997 GFK-1084B
Table 3-3. Status Bits (LIS Bits and Channel Status Bits)
Status Bits Brief Description
1-6 Reserved
7 Serial Port #2 Fuse Blown
8 AAUI Fuse Blown
9 Any Channel Error (error on any channel)
10 Reserved
11 Reserved
12 Reserved
14 Resource Problem
15 Reserved
16 LAN Interface OK
17 Data Transfer - Channel 1
18 Channel Error - Channel 1
... ...
47 Data Transfer - Channel 16
48 Channel Error - Channel 16
49-80 Reserved for future use
Unless the “LAN Interface OK” bit is set (Status Bit 16), the other status
bits are invalid.
(Status Bit 7) Serial Port #2 Fuse Blown: This bit is set to 1 when the Serial Port #2 fuse
is blown. Otherwise it is set to 0.
(Status Bit 8) AAUI Fuse Blown: This bit is set to 1 when the AAUI Fuse is blown. Other-
wise it is set to 0.
(Status Bit 9) Any Channel Error: This bit is set to 1 if there is presently an error on any
of the established channels; i.e., if the individual Channel Error bit is set for any channel.
(Status Bit 13) LAN OK: This input will be held at the value 1 as long as the Ethernet
Interface software is able to communicate on the network. If the network should be-
come inaccessible from this Interface, due either to local or network problems, this bit
will be set to 0. If LAN communication becomes possible, it is set to 1.
(Status Bit 14) Resource Problem: This input is set to 1 whenever the Ethernet Interface
software experiences a resource problem (i.e., lack of data memory). The bit is reset to 0
on a subsequent PLC sweep. The Ethernet Interface may or may not be able to continue
functioning, depending on the severity of the problem. Use the PLC Fault Table to un-
derstand the problem. See Chapter 6, Troubleshooting, for further information. In
addition, you can use the Station Manager STAT B and LOG commands to further under-
stand the problem. See Chapter 5, The Station Manager, for more information.
(Status Bit 16) LAN Interface OK Bit: This input is set to 1 by the Ethernet Interface each
PLC scan. If the Ethernet Interface cannot access the PLC, the CPU will set this bit to 0.
When this bit is 0, all other Ethernet Interface Status bits are invalid.