GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

GFK-1084B Chapter 2 Installing the Ethernet Interface
4. Visually inspect the module to be sure that it is properly seated.
5. Remove the front cover of the Interface.
6. Connect the transceiver cable into the 14-pin AAUI Port of the Ethernet Interface.
Secure the cable. The other end of the transceiver cable should be connected to an
external IEEE 802.3 compatible transceiver which is attached to the Ethernet
network. If the transceiver has a switch or jumper for SQE, it must be enabled. (Note:
The transceiver cable may be built-in to the transceiver or removable.)
7. Replace the front cover and restore power to the baseplate.
8. Use Logicmaster software, CIMPLICITY Control, or a Hand Held Programmer to
stop the CPU.
9. Continue with Procedure 2: Configuring the Ethernet Interface.
An Ethernet Interface can be mounted on a CPU baseplate, an
expansion baseplate, or a remote baseplate. However, due to power
requirements, only two Ethernet Interfaces are permitted per baseplate.