GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual - August 1997 GFK-1084B
4. Insert the supplied floppy disk into your A: or B: drive.
5. At the C:\> prompt, type A:install (or B:install if you inserted the disk into
drive B). The install program will copy several files to the hard drive then invoke the
PC Software Loader.
Alternatively, the install can be run from the floppy drive directly if there is no hard
drive or not enough space on the hard drive. To run from the floppy disk, type A: or
B: to change to the drive containing the floppy disk, then type install from the
A:\> or B:\> prompt. Important: Running the PC Software Loader directly from the
floppy diskette will result in slower operation than running it from the hard drive. See the
notes below if you are using non-default serial port settings or the COM2 port.
If the Software Loader port configuration of the Ethernet Interface was
changed from the default values (see Chapter 2, Procedure 2), the PC
Software Loader serial port configuration must be changed to the same
values before performing step 6 above. Press the F2 key at the main
menu and select port settings that match the Ethernet Interface
If you connected the serial cable to COM2 in step 3, you must press the
F3 key from the main menu and then press the Tab key to select
6. From the main menu, press the F1 key to attach to the Ethernet Interface.
7. Once attached, a menu will be displayed which allows the baud rate to be changed
from the default 19200 if desired. Most PC compatibles will operate reliably at
38400. To change the baud rate, press the F2 key. Press the TAB key to toggle
through the supported baud rates then press the Enter key to change the baud
rates of both the PC Software Loader and the Ethernet Interface.
8. When the baud rate change operation is complete, press the F1 key to load the
new firmware.
9. Press the “Y“ key to confirm the operation. The load will take several minutes
depending on the baud rate and the operating speed of the PC.
If the load is interrupted prior to completion (power failure, disconnected cable,
etc.), redo all the steps above.