GE 90-30 PLC Switch User Manual

TCP/IP Ethernet Communications User’s Manual - August 1997 GFK-1084B
Minor Error Codes
The meaning of each Minor Error Code depends upon the Major Error Code for which it
is defined. Consult the appropriate Minor Error Code table for the indicated Major Error
Table 3-5. Minor Error Codes for Major Error Codes 05H (at Remote Server PLC) and
85H (at Client PLC)
Error Status Service Request Error Description
c105H/c185H Invalid block state transition.
c305H/c385H Text length does not match traffic type.
c605H/c685H Control Program (CP) tasks exist but requestor not logged into main CP.
c705H/c785H Passwords are set to inactive and cannot be enabled or disabled.
c805H/c885H Password(s) already enabled and cannot be forced inactive.
c905H/c985H Login using non-zero buffer size required for block commands.
ca05H/ca85H Device is write-protected.
cb05H/cb85H A comm or write verify error occurred during save or restore.
cc05H/cc85H Data stored on device has been corrupted and is no longer reliable.
cd05H/cd85H Attempt was made to read a device but no data has been stored on it.
ce05H/ce85H Specified device has insufficient memory to handle request.
cf05H/cf85H Specified device is not available in the system (not present).
d105H/d185H Packet size or total program size does not match input.
d205H/d285H Invalid write mode parameter.
d505H/d585H Invalid block name specified in datagram.
d605H/d685H Total datagram connection memory exceeded.
d705H/d785H Invalid datagram type specified.
d805H/d885H Point length not allowed.
d905H/d985H Transfer type invalid for this Memory Type selector.
da05H/da85H Null pointer to data in Memory Type selector.
db05H/db85H Invalid Memory Type selector in datagram.
dc05H/dc85H Unable to find connection address.
dd05H/dd85H Unable to locate given datagram connection ID.
de05H/de85H Size of datagram connection invalid.
df05H/df85H Invalid datagram connection address.
e005H/e085H Service in process cannot login.
e405H/e485H Memory Type for this selector does not exist.
e905H/e985H Memory Type selector not valid in context.
ea05H/ea85H Not logged in to process service request.
ee05H/ee85H Could not return block sizes.
ef05H/ef85H Programmer is already attached.
f005H/f085H Request only valid in stop mode.
f105H/f185H Request only valid from programmer.
f205H/f285H Invalid program cannot log in.
f405H/f485H Invalid input parameter in request.
f505H/f585H Invalid password.
f605H/f685H Invalid sweep state to set.