GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

17.8 Command Reference
17.8.1 Main Commands
The main commands can be categorized as show commands, set commands, and
context-less commands. The show commands are listed below.
show active-snmp: displays currently active SNMP support
show active-stp: displays currently active STP
show active-vlan: displays currently active VLAN
show address-table: displays address table parameters
show age: displays the address table age limit
show arp: displays the arp details
show bootmode: displays the current bootmode value
show broadcast-protect: displays broadcast storm protection parameters
show config: displays the saved configuration as a whole or by module
show console: displays console serial link settings
show date: displays system date
show daylight: displays the configured daylight savings settings
show gateway: displays the gateway of the system
show gvrp: displays the GVRP parameters
show host: displays the host table for FTP users
show igmp: displays the IGMP parameters
show interfaces: display the interface information
show ip: displays the system IP address
show ip-access: displays the IP address access list
show ipconfig: displays the IP configuration
show lacp
show lll: displays the Link-Loss-Learn parameters
show log: displays log information
show logsize: displays the current event log size
show mac: displays the system MAC address
show modbus: displays Modbus settings
show modules: displays the module information
show port: displays the port information
show port-mirror: displays the port mirroring parameters
show port-security: displays the port security configuration parameters
show power: displays condition of power supplies, in redundant power supply
switches only
show qos: displays the QOS settings
show rmon: displays the rmon configuration parameters
show setup: displays the setup parameters of the system