GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

Multilink ML1200
Managed Field Switch
Chapter 1: Introduction
Digital Energy
1.1 Getting Started
1.1.1 Inspecting the Package and Product
Examine the shipping container for obvious damage prior to installing this product; notify
the carrier of any damage that you believe occurred during shipment or delivery. Inspect
the contents of this package for any signs of damage and ensure that the items listed
below are included.
This package should contain:
Multilink ML1200 Managed Field Switch, base unit (configured with user-selected
port module options installed)
1 Set of two metal vertical mounting brackets, with screws to the case
1 Installation and User Guide (this manual)
1 Product Registration Card
Remove the items from the shipping container. Be sure to keep the shipping container
should you need to re-ship the unit at a later date. To validate the product warranty,
please complete and return the enclosed Product Registration Card to GE Multilin as soon
as possible.
In the event there are items missing or damaged, contact the party from whom you
purchased the product. If the unit needs to be returned, please use the original shipping
container if possible. Refer to Section 6, Troubleshooting, for specific return procedures.