GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

Each port has an Activity (ACT) LED indicating packets being received, a Link (LK) LED that
indicates proper connectivity with the remote device when lit, a FDX/HDX LED to indicate
full-duplex mode when lit (or half-duplex when off), and a “10/100” LED indicating 100Mb
when lit (or 10 Mbps when off).
The 10/100 RJ-45 ports are supported with Auto-negotiation and Auto-crossover (MDIX),
which allow the RJ-45 ports to automatically Link with any RJ-45 device and eliminate the
use of cross-over cable.
For Power Substations: In support of the IEEE 1613 Class 2 standard, GE Multilin advises
that, for substation applications, the RJ-45 ports are intended for connectivity to other
communication equipment such as routers or telecommunication multiplexers installed in
close proximity (i.e., less than 2 meters or 6.5ft) to the ML1200. It is not recommended to
use these ports in substation applications to interface to field devices across distances
which could produce kigh (greater than 2500V ) levels of ground potential rise (GPR) during
line-to-ground fault conditions. The ML1200 passes the 1613specifications for zero packet
loss with fiber ports & with RJ-45 ports used as indicated here. PoE power-pass-through, Base unit Model ML1200-48P, 10/100Mb 4-port
The LEDs on PoE ports are slightly different compared to regular (non-PoE) RJ-45 modules..
When the PoE port is in use, the PoE LED is ON when connected properly to a
compliant PD device on that port. When non-PoE devices are connected, the PoE LED is
OFF. Operation of Ethernet data traffic is not affected by PoE.
LINK and ACTIVITY LEDS are combined on the PoE modules into one LED that is marked as
PoE LEDs Summary
For PoE devices, each RJ-45 PoE port supports only 802.3af complaint devices. The
PoE LED is ON when the attached PD is drawing power from the port.
For non-PoE devices connected, the PoE port will act as a normal RJ-45 port and
the PoE LED is OFF. No power is being sent out from the port.
The PoE ports in Multilink with 48VDC power input act as a pass-through, so the
48VDC power source must be strong enough to provide power to the Multilink
switch and to all the 4 RJ-45 ports with PD devices connected (up to 15 watts per
PoE port).