GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

In the case where the 48VDC power in not internally connected and no power is
coming to the PoE ports for some reason, all the PoE port LEDs are ON
simultaneously to indicate a trouble condition. The ports will still operate properly
for data traffic. SFPs, Gigabit (1000Mbps) port modules
The Multilink ML1200 offers a Gigabit option with multiple choices of copper 10/100/
1000Mbps or Gigabit SFP Fiber modules for the modular slot. While up to two Gigabit
modules (maxm.) can be configured in the modular slot C only.
The ML1200 Modules provide a GBIC opening for insertion of industry-standard SFPs to
provide Gigabit (Gb) media flexibility. SFP fiber Transceivers are available with both multi-
mode (550m) at 850nm and single-mode at 1330nm (10, 25, 40, 70)km fiber options, and
for Gigabit copper as well, with new models appearing often.
The 1000Mb Gigabit SFP fiber-port modules on the Multilink ML1200 are normally set
(factory default) to operate at AUTO mode for best fiber distance and performance. Only
two Gigabit ports can be configured on a Mangum ML1200 managed switch in slot D.
There are three LEDs provided on each SFP Gigabit port module. The SFP Gigabit fiber has
LEDs that indicate LK (Link status) and ACT (receiving activity) when lit and F/H (on for Full
and OFF for half duplex) for that port.
The copper Gigabit port supports 10/100/1000Mb speeds. The three LED’s show the speed
the connection has achieved. It is set as AUTO by default. All other LEDs are the same as
the SFP fiber. Troubleshooting
All Multilink Ethernet products are designed to provide reliability and consistently high
performance in all network environments. The installation of a Multilink ML1200 Switch is
a straightforward procedure (see INSTALLATION, Section 3.0). The operation is also
straightforward and is discussed in Section 4.
Should problems develop during installation or operation, this section is intended to help
locate, identify and correct these types of problems. Please follow the suggestions listed
below prior to contacting your supplier. However, if you are unsure of the procedures