GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

OPERATION CHAPTER 4: OPERATION CB Module, 2 Ports @100Mbps single-mode FX-SC-type, Sgl.M
The CB Module is also a Fiber module equipped with 2 Single-mode (Long Reach) SC-type
connectors. It provides a long reach Fiber function in one module to the ML1200 Switches,
supporting 100Mb single-mode (Long-Reach) fiber network segments.
The CB Module, when installed in a Multilink ML1200 Switch, supports single-mode fiber
cable lengths of as much as 40+ Km (see Power Budget, Section 4.5). Each port has an
Activity (ACT) LED indicating packets being received, a Link (LK) LED indicating proper
connectivity with the remote device when lit, and a FDX/HDX LED indicating full-duplex
mode when lit (or half-duplex when off). C6 Module “COMBO” 2@ 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Ports and 1@100Mbps Multi-mode
FX-SC-type, “snap-in” connector
The C6 Module is also a Combo module equipped with 2 dual speed copper ports and 1
Multi-mode SC-type connector. It provides an advantage through combining copper and
Fiber functions in one module that supports two copper and one multi-mode fiber network
The C6 Module, when installed in a Multilink ML1200-Field Switch, operates on copper at
100m distances. The Fiber is multi-mode and cable lengths can be as much as 2 Km (see
Power Budget, Section 4.5)