GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

2.2 Features and Benefits
Managed switching for high performance Ethernet LANs.
Multilink ML1200 Switches provide unicast non-blocking (all ports can run at full
speed at once) performance with standard Managed Network Software included.
They are typically used in LAN traffic centers with up to 12 100Mb +2 Gigabit ports
for backbone connections, where managed network services are desired.
Switching services includes 802.1p QoS packet prioritization.
The Multilink ML1200 switching hardware supports QoS, giving packet processing
priority to priority tagged packets according to the IEEE 802.1p standard. For port-
and application-specific priorities of data, the QoS software may be configured.
Features Fiber-Built-In.
Multilink ML1200 Managed Field Switches are designed to naturally include fiber
ports, and support mixes of multi-mode, single-mode; 10Mb, 100Mb and 1000Mb
speed; full-and half-duplex; classic Small Form Factor (SFF) and GBIC fiber
connectors. RJ-45 10/100 ports can also be configured in the mix of port types.
Ring-Only Mode for reliable high availability using ring topology.
Ring-Only Mode feature provides reliable fast recovery of a fault in a ring topology.
Relay Contacts for monitoring internal power and user-defined software
Two Alarm Relay contacts monitor basic operations. One is for hardware, and will
signal loss of power internally. The other is software controllable and will signal
user-defined software events such as a security violation or an RSTP Topology
Change condition.
Vertical mounting for efficient convection cooling, no fans, extended temp.
Mounting brackets for vertical mounting are included. DIN-Rail mounting
hardware is optional. Ethernet signal and power cables attach at the bottom. Two
sets of status LEDs are included, one set viewable at the port connector and one
set viewable from the front.
Standard AC power input, -48VDC or 24VDC or 125VDC input is optional.
Standard AC power input comes with an IEC plug and is auto-ranging for
worldwide use. For special applications, models with –48VDC or 24VDC or 125VDC
are available. Dual Source DC input can also be selected and configured on the DC
power input models.
Heavy-duty design for Industrial Ethernet and extended temperature
Fiber ports take more power than copper ports, but the Multilink ML1200 design
provides for this with heavy-duty components. The ambient temperature dual-
rating is 60`C per UL methods, and 95°C per type test methods.
Management Software included.
ML1200 firmware includes SNMP Switch Management with secure access control,
RMON, CLI, Port Security; Port Mirroring; secured Radius and TACACs+, Telnet, TFTP,
FTP support, Spanning Tree Protocol, Link-Loss-Learn, Ring-Only Mode multi-level