GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

Multilink ML1200
Managed Field Switch
Chapter 5: IP Addressing
Digital Energy
IP Addr essing
5.1 IP Address and System Information
5.1.1 Overview
It is assumed that the user has familiarity with IP addresses, classes of IP addresses and
related netmask schemas (for example, class A, B, and C addressing).
Without an IP address, the switch operates as a standalone Layer 2 switch. Without an IP
address, you cannot:
Use the web interface to manage the switch
Use telnet to access the CLI
Use any SNMP Network Management software to manage the switch
Use NTP protocol or an NTP server to synchronize the time on the switch
Use TFTP or FTP to download the configurations or upload software updates
Run ping tests to test connectivity
To set the IP address, please refer to section 1.5.6: Setting the IP Parameters. Once the IP
address is set, the CLI can be accessed via telnet as well as the console interface. From
now on, all commands discussed are accessible from the command line interface,
irrespective of access methods (i.e. serial port or in band using telnet).
To verify the IP address settings using the command line interface, the
show ipconfig
command can be used as follows:
ML1200> show ipconfig
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
To verify the IP address using the EnerVista Secure Web Management software,
Z Select the Administration > System menu item to view.