GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

2.3 Applications
Multilink ML1200 Field Switches offer high performance, modularity and availability. They
provide the flexibility of 100Mbps fiber and copper ports as well as single or dual Gigabit
(1000Mb) ports, with industry-standard LAN management software. Multilink ML1200
Switches are easily used in a variety of applications including client/server computing,
secure VLAN- performance upgrades to departmental networks, and stream traffic for
VOIP and audio/video applications. They can also be used in a very diversified
combination of mixed media in Industrial floor applications. The performance
characteristics of the ML1200 Switches enable them to inter-connect a series of subnets
(one subnet per ML1200 Switch port) in a LAN traffic center. The subnet connections may
be via fiber or twisted pair cabling, 100Mbps or 10 Mbps speed, and full-or half-duplex.
The mixed-media modular capability is ideal for industrial applications where existing
Ethernet LAN network cabling must be accommodated. The fiber-built-in media capability
is ideal for integrating future-proof fiber cabling into the LAN structure.
Example 1 : Multilink ML1200 Switch for a Industrial Application
Equipped with lots of useful features including hardened enclosures, a wide spread of DC
power supply options, and extended temperature ratings qualifies the Multilink ML1200
Managed switch for any Industrial factory-floor, traffic control, transportation system, or
power utility application. The several operated features qualifies this managed switch to
operate and perform securely and reliably in all critical applications. The addition of Ring-
Only Mode and the Link-Loss-Learn software features allow this Managed switch to provide
a very secure highly available redundant network capability in any ring topology network.
The Managed ML1200’s modularity along with the management software features
remarkably handle industrial environments (i.e. where the factory floors are networked
with Ethernet based mixed-media LANs equipped with PLCs, computers for taking
readings and data from Machines, Client/ Server databases, etc. and sending these
important data to the central office data warehouses) very securely and reliably. The DIN-
Rail Mounting options on the Multilink ML1200 allow the factory floor’s industrial user to
mount the ML1200 securely anywhere on their Network setup.
The option of setting the ports at 10 or 100Mb on copper and 10 or 100Mb on fiber media
provide widespread options to the users to mix and match their legacy and advance
network needs. The modularity of the ML1200 Managed Field Switches make them an
attractive choice for use in applications with LAN connections to an organization’s multiple
site offices and factory- floors. The different locations can be easily connected together
with the Fiber ports supported by the Multilink ML1200 Switch. A main NT-server in a
secure area protected from earthquake or fire hazards can be connected to the full duplex
Gigabit Fiber port.