GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

2.1.2 Four-Port Copper Module, C1 Module MDIX)
The ML1200’s 4-port Copper module, the C1 Module, provides four 10/100Mb switched RJ-
45 ports. The 10/100Mb switched ports normally (as a default setting) are independently N-
way auto-negotiating and auto-crossover (MDIX) for operation at 10 or 100Mb speed in
full- or half-duplex mode. (i.e., each independently selects a mode and speed to match the
device at the other end of the twisted pair cable).
(See Section 5 for auto-negotiation and MDIX details).
On the C1 module, there are four LEDs for each port, two integrated into the connector,
and two below the connector. The LK (Link) LED indicates “ready for operation” on that port
when lit. The blinking ACT (Activity) LED indicates receiving Activity on that port when lit.
The 10/100 LED indicates operation at 100Mb speed when ON and at 10 Mb speed when
OFF (when auto-negotiation is not disabled). The FDX/HDX LED is ON to indicate full-duplex
operation and OFF to indicate the half-duplex mode. A twisted pair cable must be
connected into an RJ-45 port and the Link (LK) indicator for that port must be ON
(indicating there is a powered-up device at the other end of the cable) in order for a LK LED
to provide valid indications of operating conditions on that port.
Using the ML1200 management software, the user may disable auto-negotiation and fix
the desired operation of each RJ-45 port. The user may select 10Mb or 100Mb speed and
full- or half-duplex mode per-port as per user requirements.
2.1.3 PoE (power pass-through), C2 Module (MDIX), 10/100Mb 4-port
The PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) RJ-45 ports are similar to regular RJ-45 ports, except they
have the capability of providing power on each port to power up the PD devices, per the
IEEE802.3af PoE standard. The power-pass-through PoE modules are dependent upon the
-48VDC input power to supply the PD power for these RJ-45 (10/100) ports. Each port
supplies up to 15watts to power the PoE PD devices. A maximum of 8 PoE ports can be
configured in the A and B slots of a ML1200 switch with -48vdc power input. The PoE
modules are also available with mix–n-match fiber modules configured in other ML1200
slots. Please check the ordering information for all the various PoE module options.