GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

Extended temperature ratings and a variety of options for AC/DC power supplies qualify
this managed ML1200 switch for use in non-temperature controlled networks and many
other temperature sensitive critical Industrial applications where above normal room
temperatures occur while the network is in operation. Full-duplex future proof fiber media
can easily connect long distance subnets and provide a stable secure network to all
applications. The SNMP management capability of the Multilink ML1200 Switch helps
create a database of all the network subnets to easily manage the network.
Example 2:
A managed network is needed to provide a redundant ring topology for maximum
redundancy. In a network where any faulty cable, cable disconnection or power failure
can bring the whole thing down, a ring switch can be reconfigured and up and running in
milliseconds. The ring topology of the network consists of high speed LAN segments
supported by 100Mbps full-duplex future-proof fiber media to provide a secure long
distance LAN connection. The entire network is sharing a higher bandwidth Gigabit-
enabled data-mining server for the vital database located in a separate secured building.
The copper ports are required for multiple subnets inside the power plant to check the
status of other Ethernet units. The entire spread network will be manageable to provide
easy, detectable, uninterrupted support through a viewable SNMP monitor.
The Multilink ML1200 Managed Field Switch equipped with a mix of copper and fiber ports
provides an economical and seamless solution to many requirements. The user-
configurable Multilink ML1200 provides an extra boost to the network requirements by
providing copper/fiber media along with the higher bandwidth support of 10/100 and
1000Mb. The user can utilize the SNMP feature equipped with VLAN, RMON, STP and other
standard managed LAN features to provide a secure and stable network.