GE ML1200 Switch User Manual

points, IP phones) that comply with the IEEE 802.3af PoE standard. The PoE switch ports
have an auto-sensing algorithm, so that they provide power only to 802.3af, PoE end
devices. PoE is managed by a multi-stage handshake to protect equipment from
damage and to manage power budgets .The PoE ports will discontinue supplying power
when the PoE powered devices are disconnected. This feature supports the 802.3af PoE
PSE standard for over-current protection, under-current detection, and fault protection.
High performance features include non-blocking unicast traffic speed on all ports and
802.1p QoS Traffic Prioritization. Multilink ML1200 switches are “plug-and-play” and are
designed for use in connecting edge devices such as PLCs, IEDs and PoE video cameras
with upstream switches and routers where a mix of bursty data traffic and priority
streaming traffic for video surveillance and cell-tower applications are present. Multilink
ML1200 Field Switches are provided with LAN management software including SNMP, Tag-
and Port-based VLANs, IGMP-L2 and IGMP Snooping, and Port Security with control via GUI
and command line interface (CLI). For high availability LANs using ring topologies,
Spanning Tree Protocol, RSTP, Link-Loss-Alert and Ring-Only Mode are available.
Multilink ML1200 Managed Field Switches have heavy-duty aluminum cases and are
readily available with standard Industrial grade 24VDC power. Alternative internal DC
power options are available. DC power input types may be 24V, 48V, 125V, and dual source
DC input is optional on all ML1200’s. (AC power is available via an external power supply
unit, see Section 3.4 for details).
Alarm Relay contacts provided on each Multilink ML1200 Switch monitor the hardware and
software through traps, providing a record of any losses of power signals and other user-
defined software events. See Section 3.5 for details.
The wide selections of Quad port (queen size) modules are key to the flexibility and
adaptability of Multilink ML1200s. Some of the popular 4 ports modules are described
below. For a list of all the modules and options, see Section 1.2
The ML1200 modules can only be configured at the factory.