GE ML1600 Switch User Manual

9.3.4 Broadcast Storms
One of the best features of the MultiLink family of switches is its ability to keep broadcast
storms from spreading throughout a network. Network storms (or broadcast storms) are
characterized by an excessive number of broadcast packets being sent over the network.
These storms can occur if network equipment is configured incorrectly. Storms can reduce
network performance and cause bridges, routers, workstations, servers and PCs to slow
down or even crash.
The MultiLink family of switches is capable of detecting and limiting storms on each port. A
network administrator can also set the maximum rate of broadcast packets (frames) that
are permitted from a particular interface. If the maximum number is exceeded, a storm
condition is declared. Once it is determined that a storm is occurring on an interface, any
additional broadcast packets received on that interface will be dropped until the storm is
determined to be over. The storm is determined to be over when a one-second period
elapses with no broadcast packets received.
Back pressure and flow control (continued)
show port
Keys: E = Enable D = Disable
H = Half Duplex F = Full Duplex
M = Multiple VLAN's NA = Not Applicable
LI = Listening LE = Learning
F = Forwarding B = Blocking
Port Name Control Dplx Media Link Speed Part Auto VlanID GVRP STP
9B1 E H 10TxUP10 NoE 1 - -
10 B2 E H 10Tx DOWN 10 No E 1 - -
11 JohnDoe E H 10Tx DOWN 10 No E 1 - -
12 JaneDoe E H 10Tx DOWN 10 No E 1 - -
13 B5 E F 100Tx UP 100 No E 1 - -
14 B6 E H 10Tx DOWN 10 No E 1 - -
15 B7 E H 10Tx DOWN 10 No E 1 - -
16 B8 E H 10Tx DOWN 10 No E 1 - -
ML1600(device)## show port=11
Configuration details of port 11
Port Name : JohnDoe
Port Link State : DOWN
Port Type : TP Port
Port Admin State : Enable
Port VLAN ID : 1
Port Speed : 10Mbps
Port Duplex Mode : half-duplex
Port Auto-negotiation State : Enable
Port STP State : NO STP
Port GVRP State : No GVRP
Port Priority Type : None
Port Security : Enable
Port Flow Control : Enable
Port Back Pressure : Enable
Port Link Loss Alert : Enabled
Note that the flow control and back pressure is
shown as enabled for the specific port. The global
show port command does not provide this detail.
The back pressure and flow control parameters
are global – i.e., the same for all ports.