GE ML1600 Switch User Manual

2.4 Applications
2.4.1 Description
The ML1600 offers high performance, modularity and availability. It provides the flexibility
of 100 Mbps fiber and copper ports as well as single or dual Gigabit(1000Mb) ports, with
industry-standard LAN MGMNT software. The ML1600 switches are easily used in a variety
of applications including client/server computing, secure VLAN performance upgrades to
departmental networks, and stream traffic for VOIP and audio/video applications, or a very
diversified combination of mixed media in Industrial floor applications. The performance
characteristic of the ML1600 enables it to inter-connect a series of subnets (one subnet per
switch port) in a LAN traffic center. The subnet connections may be via fiber or twisted pair
cabling, 100 or 10 Mbps speed, and full-or half-duplex.
The mixed-media modular capability is ideal for industrial applications where existing
Ethernet LAN networks where existing cabling must be accommodated. The fiber-built-in
media capability is ideal for integrating future-proof fiber cabling into the LAN structure.
The ML1600 is easily installed in a variety of applications where 48 V DC or 125 V DC is
used as the primary power source. The DC power configuration capability provides an
Ethernet networking solution utilizing a special power supply in switches with a proven
track record.
The 48 V DC solution is particularly useful in the telecommunication industry, where it is
common for facilities to operate on 48 V DC power. Such companies include regular and
wireless telephone service providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other
communication companies. In addition, many high availability equipment services, such as
broadcasters, publishers, newspaper operations, brokerage firms and other facilities often
use a battery backup system to maintain operations in the event of a power failure. It is
also frequently used for computer system backup, MGMNT and operations monitoring
The 125 V DC option is particularly useful in the industrial environment. The 125 V DC
option is mainly used in power utilities, such as electrical substations and electrical
generating plants.
2.4.2 Industrial Applications
Equipped with many useful features, hardened enclosure, power supply option, and
extended temperature rating qualifies the ML1600 for any industrial factory-floors, traffic
control, transportations systems and power utilities applications. The bundled software-
operated features diversify this managed switch to operate and perform securely and
reliably in all critical applications.
In an Industrial environment where factory floors are networked with Ethernet based
mixed-media LANs, equipped with PLCs, computers for taking reading and data from M/C,
client/server databases and fetching this data to the central office data warehouses. The
ML1600 modularity and MGMNT software features handle these kind of networks very
securely and reliably. The DIN-Rail mounting options allow the factory floor industrial's
user to mount securely anywhere on their network setup.