GE ML1600 Switch User Manual

The option for setting the ports at 10 or 100 Mb on copper, and supporting the 10 or
100 Mb fiber media, provide a very widespread option to the users to mix match their
legacy and advance network needs. The modularity of the ML1600 makes it an attractive
choice for use in applications with LAN connections to an organization's multiple site
offices and factory- floors. The different locations can be easily connected together with
the Fiber ports supported by the ML1600. A main NT-server in a secure area protected
from earthquake or fire hazards can be connected to the full duplex Gigabit Fiber port
Extended temperature ratings qualify the ML1600 for use in temperature controlled
network floor and other temperature-sensitive industrial applications, where above normal
room temperature is required to operate the process. Full-duplex future proof fiber media
can easily connect long distance subnets and provide a stable secure network to all
applications. The SNMP MGMNT capability of the ML1600 helps create a database of all the
network subnets to easily manage the network.
FIGURE 2–4: Typical factory floor application with the ML1600
2.4.3 Redundant Ring Topology
In another application, a managed network is needed to provide a Redundant ring
topology for maximum redundant network, where any faulty cable or cable disconnection
or power failure in a ring switch can be reconfigured the network up running in
milliseconds. The ring topology of the network consists of high speed LAN segments
supported by 100 Mbps full-duplex future-proof fiber media to provide secure long
distance LAN connection. The entire network is sharing a higher bandwidth Gigabit-
enabled data-mining server for the vital database located in a separate secured building.
The copper ports are required for multiple subnets inside the power plant to check the
status of other Ethernet units. The entire spread network will be manageable to provide
easy, detectable, uninterrupted support through a viewable SNMP monitor.