GE ML1600 Switch User Manual

All software information, including new releases and upgrades, can be accessed and
download from the GE Multilin website at
2.3.4 Additional Features and Benefits
Managed switching for high performance Ethernet LANs: The ML1600 provides non-
blocking (all ports can run at full speed) performance with standard managed
networks software included.
Switching services includes 802.1p QoS packet prioritization: The ML1600 switching
hardware supports QoS, giving packet processing priority to priority tagged packets
according to the IEEE 802.1p standard. For port- and application-specific priorities of
data, the QoS software may be configured.
Features fiber-built-in: The ML1600 is designed to include fiber ports and supports
mixes of multi-mode and single-mode, 10/100/1000 Mb speed, full-and half-duplex,
and GBIC fiber connectors. The RJ45 10/100 ports can also be configured with the mix
of port types.
Relay contacts for monitoring internal power and user-defined software events:
Two alarm relay contacts monitor basic operations. One is for hardware and will signal
loss of power internally. The other is software controllable and will signal user-defined
software events such as a security violation.
Heavy-duty design for industrial Ethernet and extended temperature operation:
Fiber ports take more power than copper ports, but the ML1600 design provides for
this with heavy-duty components. The ambient temperature can be up to is 85°C.
NEBS and ETSI tested and certified: The ML1600 has been tested and certified for
NEBS and ETSI. Test reports are available upon request.
Vertical mounting for efficient convection cooling, no fans, and extended
temperatures: Mounting brackets for vertical mounting are included. Ethernet signal
and power cables attach in the bottom. Two sets of status LEDs, one set viewable at
the port connector and one set viewable from the front.
Licensed network MGMNT software included: The ML1600 software includes SNMP
switch MGMNT with secure access control, RMON, CLI, port security; port mirroring;
port settings control; telnet, TFTP, FTP, Spanning Tree Protocol, Link Loss Learn, multi-
level QoS, port and tag-based VLANs, GVRP, IGMP snooping, SNMPc GUI support, event
log, SNTP client for time-of-day; BootP and DHCP client for IP configuring, and
password security. Software is factory installed, supported and updated on the GE
Multilin website.