GE ML1600 Switch User Manual

The ML1600 equipped with the mix of copper and fiber ports provides an economical and
seamless solution to the requirements. The user-configurable ML1600 provides an extra
boost to the network requirements by providing copper/fiber media along with the higher
bandwidth support of 10/100 and 1000Mb. The user can utilize the SNMP feature equipped
with VLAN, RMON, STP and other standard managed LAN features to provide a secure and
stable network.
The ML1600 Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) feature easily fulfilled the redundant
requirement in a secured and faster reconfiguration time for cable breakup, by setting up
in a ring topology. The Gigabit port option boosts the bandwidth for high speed to support
the peak traffic and minimize congestion.
FIGURE 2–5: ML1600 equipped with Ring mode in redundant ring solution
2.4.4 Telecommunications Environment
In a telecommunications environment, 12 port Nebs compliant, 48 V DC operated
managed switch is required to meet the fiber and copper connection to store sensitive
data. The switch must be SNMP enabled and managed.
The ML1600 qualifies for this requirement. Loaded with MGMNT software, the ML1600
provides a very effective and economical solution for the carrier-class space environment.
Security features (port-security, VLAN, snmpv3, secure telnet, etc.) also boost the ML1600
managed switches to provide a very effective and reliable solution. The modularity feature
to support both copper and fiber at either 10/100/1000Mb speed easily meet the variation
speed of legacy and future broadband requirement.
In a carrier class (telecommunications) environment the expected reliable and secure
solution can be met easily by ML1600 managed switches. The modular design of the
ML1600 provides a wide range of options of copper/fiber and both configuration to meet
heir requirement. The Gigabit uplink for the storage or broadband uplink allows
telecommunication users a very effective solution to store their sensitive users data