GE ML1600 Switch User Manual

applied to the two inputs, protecting it from incorrect DC input connections. An incorrect
polarity connection, for example, will neither affect the switch, its internal power supply,
nor will it blow the fuse in the internal power supply.
Models with the redundant power supply are designed for installations where a battery is
the power source, and where two separate power sources are utilized in order to increase
operational uptime and to simplify maintenance.
Alarm relay contacts provided on each ML1600 monitor the hardware and software
providing a loss of power signal and user- defined software events through traps. See
Communications Modules on page 2–3 for details.
The wide selections of port modules are key to the flexibility and adaptability.
2.1.2 Design Aspects
The MultiLink ML1600 Ethernet Switch is primarily designed to use for vertical mount
applications. Equipped with the multi-media fiber/copper solutions, multiple speed 10/
100/1000Mb support, rich software MGMNT features, hardware and software alarms and
convection cooling (no fans), the ML1600 easily qualifies for use in transportation and
traffic control systems, power utilities and industrial factory-floors. For the fast growing
demands of video surveillance systems with segments requiring Gigabit backbone
interconnections, the ML1600 managed switches are easy to install and operate.
The next generation of industrial applications will need advanced managed network
software, operation at extended temperatures, fiber ports modularity, support for self-
healing ring structures, redundancy, security and gigabit backbone configurability. The
ML1600 has all of these, in a very sleek and robust metal case.
The ML1600 managed fiber switch should be mounted vertically using the vertical
mounting brackets which come with the unit or by using the DIN rail kit (optional) for DIN
rail mounting.
Loaded with versatile MGMNT software, the ML1600 switch can be easily managed and
Dual LEDs on the front and the connector side help the vertically mounted unit to be
monitored easily. The modular designed ML1600 can support a maximum of four Gigabit
modules (fiber or copper) to meet any demand of bandwidth required applications. In a on-
going demand of diversified designed Ethernet application the ML1600 is an excellent
solution to meet and satisfy those requirement through the rich modular structure. The
relay contacts for external alarm is another additional feature which allows the ML1600 to
monitor the internal power failure and controlled via hardware or software trap control.