GE ML1600 Switch User Manual

5.4 System Configuration
5.4.1 Saving and Loading – Command Line
Place the Switch offline while transferring Setting Files to the Switch.
When transferring Settings Files from one Switch to another, the IP address of the
originating Switch will also be transferred. The user must therefore reset the IP address on
the receiving Switch before connecting to the network.
Configuration changes are automatically registered but not saved; that is, the effect of the
change is immediate. However, if power fails, the changes are not restored unless they
saved using the
save command. It is also a good practice to save the configuration on
another network server using the tftp or ftp protocols. Once the configuration is saved, it
can be loaded to restore the settings. At this time, the saved configuration parameters are
not in a human readable format. The commands for saving and loading configurations on
the network are:
saveconf mode=<serial|tftp|ftp>
<ipaddress> file=<name>
loadconf mode=<serial|tftp|ftp>
<ipaddress> file=<name>
Ensure the machine specified by the IP address has the necessary services running. For
serial connections, x-modem or other alternative methods can be used. In most situations,
the filename must be a unique, since overwriting files is not permitted by most ftp and tftp
servers (or services). Only alphanumeric characters are allowed in the filename.
The following example illustrated how to save the configuration on a tftp server
ML1600# saveconf mode=tftp file=ml1600set
Do you wish to upload the configuration?
['Y' or 'N'] Y
The saveconf and loadconf commands are often used to update software. Before the
software is updated, it is advised to save the configurations. The re-loading of the
configuration is not usually necessary; however, in certain situations it maybe needed and
it is advised to save configurations before a software update. The
loadconf command
requires a reboot for the new configuration to be active. Without a reboot the older
configuration is used by the MultiLink family of switches.
saveconf and loadconf commands are often used to update software to the
ML1600. These commands will be deprecated in the upcoming release and replaced with
ftp, tftp, or xmodem commands. It is advised to begin using these commands
instead of
saveconf and loadconf.
5.4.2 Config file
MNS can now use the ftp or tftp (or xmodem if using the CLI) to upload and download
information to a server running the proper services. One useful capability provided in MNS
is export of the CLI commands used to configure the switch. To do this, use Config Upload/