Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

About the Monitors & Sound control panel 33
Opening Monitors & Sound 33
Monitors & Sound buttons at a glance 34
Tips for using AppleVision software 35
Using the Control Strip 36
Using DigitalColor Meter 36
Opening DigitalColor Meter 37
Specifying colors using the Pantone Matching System 38
Conserving energy 38
Setting up Energy Saver 39
What happens after you turn on the energy-saving feature? 40
Using Energy Saver with a screen saver 40
3Using Sound and Video With Your AppleVision 850AV Display 41
Sound controls at a glance 42
About sound sources 43
Sound input sources 43
Sound output sources 43
Selecting sound options in Monitors & Sound 43
Tips for using sound controls 44
Setting up your monitor to record a video with sound 45
About video equipment 45
Using video equipment with your monitor 48
Recording a video 52
Playing an audio CD through the monitor’s speakers 52