Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Using video equipment with your monitor
The instructions that follow are for connecting a stereo VCR to a Mac
OS–based computer with an S-video port or a composite video port, but you
can use them as a model for connecting your computer to any video equipment.
Before you start:
m Make sure that the VCR has a cable with an S-video connector or a
composite (RCA plug) connector. If the VCR has an RCA plug, make sure
you have an adapter if your computer does not have a composite
video port.
m Place the VCR near your computer system.
m Shut down the computer and turn off the VCR.
Note: If your computer has a sound input port and a sound output port in
addition to the S-video or composite video ports, you can connect all cables
to the back of your computer. See the next section for information.
1 Assemble the cables you need to connect the VCR.
You need the following cables (available at an electronics supply store):
m video cable with S-video connectors or RCA plugs at each end (If you’re
using a video cable with RCA plugs, you’ll also need an adapter cable if
your computer does not have a composite video port.)
m audio cable with dual RCA plugs at one end and a 3.5-mm stereo miniplug
at the other end
Stereo miniplug
Adapter for composite video
Chapter 3