Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Sound on your AppleVision 850AV Display
Detailed instructions for AppleVision software are provided in
Macintosh Guide (called Mac OS Guide on some computers) and Monitors &
Sound Guide. System 7.1 users can view AppleVision software instructions in
Adobe Acrobat Reader by opening the Monitors & Sound doc.pdf file
(located in the AppleVision Extras folder). For Windows users, detailed
instructions about sound controls are provided in Chapter 4, “Using Your
Monitor With Windows-Based Computers.”
You don’t hear a system beep when you start up your computer.
m Plug your monitor into the wall outlet, not the back of your computer.
m Adjust the volume level on your speakers.
m For Mac OS–based computers, disable the audio energy-saving feature in
the Monitors & Sound control panel. Click the Preferences button in the
Monitor Sound window; then leave the option, “Turn Speakers Off in
Energy Saver Mode,” unchecked.
You don’t hear any sound on your AppleVision 850AV speakers or headphones.
m Increase the volume. Make sure the volume controls in your computer are
set correctly first. Then use the audio controls on the front panel of the
AppleVision monitor to increase the speaker volume. For Mac OS–based
computers, click the Sound button in the Monitors & Sound control panel
and adjust the volume on your computer; then click the Monitor Sound
button and adjust the monitor speaker or headphone volume. For
Windows-based computers, see Chapter 4 and the manuals that came with
your computer.
m If you have an audio CD player connected to the sound input port on your
monitor, make sure the volume on the audio CD player is set above
minimum. For Mac OS–based computers, make sure you’ve selected “line
level.” Open the Monitor Sound window of the Monitors & Sound control
panel; then, adjust the sound input Port Gain to “line level.”
Chapter 5