Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Setting the ColorSync System Profile
To set the System Profile, follow these steps:
1Make sure the profile you want to use is located in the ColorSync Profiles folder.
This folder is located in the Preferences folder in your System Folder.
2Choose Control Panels from the Apple (
) menu and open the ColorSync System Profile
control panel.
The ColorSync System Profile control panel appears.
3Click Set Profile.
A dialog box appears with a list of ColorSync profiles installed on
your computer.
4Click the profile you want to use or create your own custom profile.
Note: The profile names may appear different on your screen.
Select the profile for the AppleVision 850 monitor. If you’ve created a custom
ColorSync profile that describes your color settings, select it as the system
profile instead. See Monitors & Sound Guide or the Monitors & Sound
doc.pdf file for more information on creating custom ColorSync profiles.
Using ColorSync