Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

The following options are available with each button. Some of the options
may not be available with your computer/monitor configuration. See Monitors
& Sound Guide or the Monitors & Sound doc.pdf file for detailed
information on using the AppleVision software.
Button Description
Use the Sound button to choose sound sources for your computer. You can
select a sound input port on your computer
set the desired sound output quality
set the sound out level
Use the Monitor Sound button to choose sound sources for your monitor. You can
select a sound input source for your monitor
set the desired gain level for best sound quality while recording or playing sound
select how the sound from the monitor’s input port is routed through your computer
set the monitor speaker volume, treble, bass, and sound preferences
turn 3D sound on and off
Tips for using sound controls
m For most Mac OS–based computers, any sound coming from the computer
(from an internal CD-ROM drive, for example) automatically goes to the
computer’s internal speakers and sound output port. The built-in speakers
on your computer are muted automatically when sound equipment (such as
the AppleVision monitor) is connected to the sound output port on the
back of the computer.
m For best results, adjust the volume on your computer with the Sound
controls. Then, use the Monitor Sound controls to adjust the volume on
your monitor.
m If you have more than one monitor attached to your computer, the settings
in the Monitors & Sound control panel apply only to the monitor listed
near the top of the window. The other monitor will have its own Monitors
& Sound control panel.
Chapter 3