Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

4Using Your Monitor With Windows-Based Computers 55
Installing AppleVision setup information for Windows 95 56
Screen controls at a glance 57
Using onscreen controls 58
Adjusting screen geometry 59
Adjusting color settings and other features 60
Adjusting convergence 62
Adjusting sound on your AppleVision 850
AV Display 63
Tips for using sound controls 63
5Tips and Troubleshooting 65
Care and cleaning 65
Protecting your monitor from theft 66
Troubleshooting common problems 66
Monitor power and screen appearance 67
Sound on your AppleVision 850
AV Display 72
Monitors & Sound control panel for Mac OS–based computers 76
Appendix A Using ColorSync 81
The problem that ColorSync solves 81
How ColorSync works 82
Setting up ColorSync 84
Setting the ColorSync System Profile 85
Setting other ColorSync profiles 86
Tips for best results 86
Appendix B Technical Information 89
Index 97