Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Recording a video
After the video equipment is connected to your computer and monitor, you
can record a video. See the manual that came with your video application for
more information. For example, your application may have additional options
for setting sound sources, volume, and so on. Make sure these are set properly.
Playing an audio CD through the monitor’s speakers
You can connect an audio CD player to the AppleVision 850AV Display and
play the sound through the monitor’s speakers.
To play an audio CD, follow these instructions:
1 Turn off the audio CD player and connect it to the sound input port (marked by
) on the
left side of the monitor.
Your monitor and external audio CD player should be connected like this:
For more information, see “Connecting Sound Equipment to Your
AppleVision 850
AV Display” in Chapter 1.
2Click the Sound button in the Monitors & Sound control panel to open the Sound window.
Make sure you select the appropriate sound input device, such as the
microphone or external audio, when you use an external audio CD player.
3Click the Monitor Sound button and adjust the sound input Port Gain to “line level.”
Audio Out port
Miniplug cable
(available at most electronics supply
stores or included with CD player)
Sound input port
Chapter 3