Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

If you reinstall system software on your computer, you must
reinstall the AppleVision software.
Note: If you press a control button under the screen on the left front of your
monitor and do not see the Monitors & Sound control panel, you probably
haven’t set up your AppleVision monitor correctly. Make sure the ADB
connector on the monitor cable is connected directly to your computer’s ADB
port. See Chapter 1, “Setting Up Your Monitor,” for more information.
Learning about AppleVision software with System 7.5 or later
This section explains how to open Monitors & Sound Guide for information
about using AppleVision software with your monitor. If you’re using
System 7.1, see the next section, “Learning About AppleVision Software
With System 7.1.”
The Monitors & Sound Guide is your main source of information about
AppleVision software. The Guide menu is identified by a question mark (
in the upper-right corner of the screen.
To open Monitors & Sound Guide, make sure your Monitors & Sound control
panel is active. Then, click the Guide (h) icon on the top right corner of the
control panel to open Monitors & Sound Guide or choose Monitors & Sound
Guide in the Guide (h) menu at the top of your screen.
Macintosh (or Mac OS) Guide also contains the same information about the
AppleVision software as well as other information about using your computer.
Macintosh Guide is available while you’re in the Finder.
Chapter 2
Open Monitors & Sound
Guide when the Monitors &
Sound control panel is
active to get onscreen help
on AppleVision software.