Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

5Click Select.
ColorSync automatically references the profile you selected and uses it to
define the color capabilities of your monitor.
6Close the ColorSync System Profile control panel.
Setting other ColorSync profiles
Some programs and printer software might require that you do something
special, such as turning on an option, in order to take advantage of ColorSync.
For example, to use ColorSync with the Apple Color OneScanner, select the
Use ColorSync option in the ColorSync Preferences dialog box of the
OneScanner Dispatcher software. This tells the scanning software to embed
information about the Color OneScanner in scanned images.
Refer to the instructions that came with your application or device to
determine if it supports similar options. If there’s an option to specify a
profile or to activate ColorSync, be sure to use it.
Tips for best results
After you’ve made sure ColorSync is installed, set the System Profile, and set
any necessary ColorSync options for your applications, you’re ready to begin
taking advantage of ColorSync! Just scan, create, and print your images or
documents as you normally would. ColorSync works behind the scenes to
ensure consistent color matching.
The following settings and strategies will help you get the best color results
from your system. Not all of these tips will apply to the software and devices
you may be using, but be sure to take advantage of those tips that do.
m Set the gamma curve for your monitor to 1.8:Standard to have the monitor
more closely match printed results. See Monitors & Sound Guide or the
Monitors & Sound doc.pdf file for more information on gamma settings
available in the Monitors & Sound control panel.
Appendix A