Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Horizontal Shift
Adjusts the horizontal position of the screen image. Press – to move the image
to the left. Press + to move the image to the right. When the screen image is
centered properly, there is an equal border around all edges of the image.
Rotates the screen image. Press – to rotate counterclockwise. Press + to rotate
clockwise. When the rotation of the screen image is set properly, all four sides
of the image are parallel to the edges of the screen and the image is
Returns screen adjustments to the preset factory values. Press the + button to
turn defaults on.
Adjusting color settings and other features
Use the Tools menu to set color temperature, turn overscan on and off, display
the scan rate of your monitor, manually degauss, and turn speakers on or off
in sleep mode.
Chapter 4
Select to show the
Tools menu.