Apple 850AV Computer Monitor User Manual

Connecting external sound equipment
The AppleVision 850AV Display has two sound ports you can use to
connect external sound equipment. The port on the left side of the monitor
is for connecting sound input equipment (such as an audio CD player,
cassette player, or microphone). The port on the right side of the monitor
is for connecting sound output equipment (such as headphones or
external speakers).
The monitor’s sound output port (marked by f) accepts a connector known
as a stereo miniplug. This connector is the type used on headphones for most
CD and cassette players.
The monitor’s sound input port (marked by ) accepts both the stereo
miniplug connector and an extended version of the miniplug. The extended
miniplug is slightly longer and is found on voice-quality microphones such as
the Apple PlainTalk Microphone.
If your equipment has a different type of connector, you can purchase an
adapter at an electronics supply store.
Extended miniplugStereo miniplug
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